Mastering Project Management for Project Success

by Tendon, on Dec 29, 2022 7:00:00 AM

Remediation during a major construction project can cost property owners more than just time and money. Owners and operators are responsible for containing all risks on their property, meaning the concerns must be handled professionally and quickly in order to avoid financial and legal repercussions.

At Tendon Systems, our team of experienced engineers, strategists and contractors has been delivering expert project management results for decades. Our knowledge, skills and flawless execution are the reason we have been ranked as one of the top concrete contractors in the country.

Recently, our team partnered with the in-house team at Uzun and Case to engineer, design, supply and install a state-of-the-art Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) strengthening system and supporting beams for a major construction project. Our skilled project managers navigated inevitable challenges to deliver a finished product that remained budget- and schedule-compliant. 

Keep reading to learn more about how our project management expertise helped our client avoid delays and issues in their latest major construction project.

In-House Engineering Services to Streamline Construction Projects

As a national construction management company, our client has provided premium services for businesses across the country for decades. The company’s impressive portfolio includes aviation terminals and luxury corporate office buildings in major metropolitan areas.

During the construction of a 750,000-square-foot, 22-story glass highrise in Midtown Atlanta, our client required skilled support when the project unexpectedly hit remediation. Our expert engineers, designers and contractors provided the project with the solutions it needed to maintain the project’s construction schedule and estimated completion data without issue. 

Our project managers navigated logistical issues and material shortages to ensure timely and inexpensive remediation resolution.

Support Through Logistical Issues

When our client faced remediation in their Midtown Atlanta highrise project, they risked damage to their reputation as one of the best providers of construction services in the country. The project was a highly-anticipated addition to the Atlanta Skyline and was to be the main headquarters for one of the country’s largest transportation providers.

The project had to adhere to a strict production schedule regardless of remediation, putting both Tendon Systems and the client at risk of incurring penalties for missed deadlines.

These tight deadlines meant that Tendon Systems contractors had to work alongside other contractors and teams during active construction, presenting countless logistical concerns for various levels of management. 

Project managers had to develop a plan that prevented revenue loss and organized worker productivity in order to provide an effective solution within the strict timeline provided by the client.

Navigating Unprecedented Material Shortages

The project took place during the COVID-19 pandemic and faced an unprecedented supply chain crisis as a result. More than just materials, the industry was also troubled by a growing labor shortage, so finding skilled workers presented additional challenges.

The Tendon Systems team had to develop efficient engineering designs for advanced CFRP strengthening systems while considering the restrictions of the supply chain. Additionally, sourcing the often specialized materials for this project meant that the client was facing a formidable challenge supplying this new area of construction.

These challenges presented an often stressful and negative work environment for an already strained and overwhelmed team of workers. Tendon Systems had to be a worksite leader representing commitment, hard work and optimism to keep the project on track for completion.

The Tendon Systems Solution: Project Management Expertise

In order to resolve conflicts with logistical issues, supply chain concerns and labor shortages, Tendon Systems provided advanced engineering services and project management that went above and beyond what most remediation companies are capable of providing. 

We worked with in-house engineering teams to develop designs for remediation systems, tailoring our plans to work with available materials. For example, when an epoxy required for installation was unavailable, our team provided multiple available alternative solutions.

We leveraged our professional relationship to receive expedited delivery and managed to develop a project schedule that accommodated social distancing and a labor shortage without sacrificing deadlines and productivity. 

Our project managers also organized on-site workers to accommodate other contractors and team members to ensure seamless workflow and minimal obstacles. 

This advanced level of management allowed for remediation to occur without altering the project timeline or pausing work for system redesigns. We were able to meet all deadlines and complete the project safely and effectively given the limited resources available.

Working with project managers at Tendon Systems proved to be a profound advantage to our client’s team. Our team provided a total turn-key service without disrupting the schedule or altering the project goals. 

The successful design, supply and installation of the CFRP system and supporting beams was made possible only by our team of project managers going above and beyond to ensure our client's utmost satisfaction with our services.

Streamlined Construction Projects with Tendon Systems

Given the project’s stage of construction, remediation of that magnitude provided a unique challenge that most professional remediation companies would have struggled to deliver. Our skilled engineers, project managers and contractors fully remediated the structure, allowing our client to complete the project and deliver excellence. 

Our commitment to excellent service is a part of what makes Tendon Systems your partner for success. Our dedicated team members worked tirelessly during the three-month construction window, providing value at every stage of the project and offering their expertise wherever possible.

The Norfolk Southern’s Atlanta headquarters structure is currently functioning as designed and intended, thanks largely in part to the dedication and expertise of the Tendon Systems team.

Tendon Systems: Your Partner for Success

At Tendon Systems we provide the engineering, project management and installation services to complete your concrete project on time and within budget. If you want to learn more about how our turn-key services can provide value to your project and support your team, give us a call at (678) 835-1100 or contact us online today.