In-House Engineering Services Helping Streamline Construction

by Tendon, on Nov 3, 2022 12:34:18 PM



Case Study


Holder Construction is a nationwide construction management company with a reputation in the industry for providing high-level services for their clients. Since 1960, Holder Construction has built an impressive portfolio of projects ranging from aviation terminals across the U.S. to high-end corporate office buildings.

One project, a 750,000 square foot, 22-story glass high rise in Midtown Atlanta, hit remediation issues deep into construction. This required the skilled expertise of remediation specialists. Tendon Systems was able to provide the engineering design, supply and installation of a state-of-the-art Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) strengthening system as well as additional concrete support beams.

Working with in-house engineering teams and engineers at Uzun and Case, Tendon Systems provided efficient remediation services that kept the project on schedule for the estimated completion data without issue.


  • Develop efficient engineering designs for advanced CFRP strengthening systems
  • Source materials during a once-in-a-lifetime supply chain crisis
  • Find skilled workers during a global labor shortage
  • Work with and alongside contractors and other teams to provide remediation during active construction
  • Meet tight deadlines and time constraints
  • Be a worksite leader to keep the project on track and progressing


  • Work with in-house engineering teams to develop designs for remediation systems
  • Develop plans that work with materials in stock and leverage professional relationships with suppliers for fast-track delivery
  • Work with a limited number of workers on-site, while still meeting project deadlines and expectations
  • Effectively managing on-site work while helping other outside contractors and team members
  • Put in the extra time and dedication to keep up with the project timeline
  • Provide leadership for on-site meetings and adding value to Holder Construction daily


  • Developed a state-of-the-art engineered CFRP strengthening system
  • Installed additional concrete support beams 25-feet in the air
  • Provided the designs and performed installation — a total turn-key service
  • Met strict project deadlines without compromising safety and quality
  • Fully remediated the structure, allowing Holder to complete construction and deliver for their client


While Holder Construction provides high-level services, this project tested both their ability and their reputation in the industry. Not only did the project take place during the height of supply chain issues caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic, but issues during construction meant remediation was necessary to ensure the structure was safe and ready for its intended use.

Moreover, strict project deadlines required any remediation to take place during the original project timeline. Any amount of time past the initial deadline date meant penalties not just for Tendon Systems but also for Holder Construction.

The remediation for this project required advanced engineering services, something that not many remediation companies could provide. This presented a particular challenge for Holder, as adding more time to move through the engineering design process was not an option. Additionally, sourcing the often specialized materials for this project meant that Holder was facing a formidable challenge supplying this new area of construction.

From worker productivity to revenue loss, it was all a possibility in the face of this remediation issue. More importantly, Holder’s reputation was on the line as this massive 22-story glass high-rise would be a standout structure in the Atlanta skyline and the main headquarters for their client, Norfolk Southern.


Tendon Systems was able to provide the design, supply and installation of both the CFRP strengthening system and the supplemental concrete support beams. Our team was uniquely qualified for this project because of our in-house engineering services. This meant we were able to work closely with engineers not only for the design but also during times when material shortages led to project issues.

For example, when an epoxy required for installation was unavailable, our engineering team was able to quickly provide multiple alternative solutions using products that were available at the time. This allowed for remediation to occur without altering the project timeline or pausing work for system redesigns.

Because this project was on a tight schedule, the ability to work closely with a dedicated engineering team meant Tendon could face project challenges promptly. Other competitors would not be able to provide this level of support. Facing a strict three-month timeline, our team provided a turn-key service for structure remediation that allowed for the project to be completed as promised for the client.


Remediation of this magnitude at this stage of construction is no easy task. Even so, our skilled engineers, project managers and workers on-site efficiently and professionally completed structure remediation without sacrificing the original project deadline.

Even with significant remediation issues, Tendon Systems provided high-quality engineering designs for advanced strengthening systems, sourced all the necessary materials and handled the installation. Our dedicated team members worked tirelessly during the three-month construction window, providing value at every stage of the project and offering their expertise wherever possible.

As of June 2021, our team completed structural remediation with no penalties for delays, even with significant supply chain issues. The structure is currently functioning as designed and intended, thanks largely in part to the dedication and expertise of the Tendon team.


“The total team effort on Tendon’s side is what made [the project] a success. From engineering to the ability of our reps to let us know everything they had and utilize it”

- Ryan Richardson, Project Manager, Tendon Systems

Between March 2021 to June 2021, Tendon Systems provided turn-key remediation services, including engineering, for Holder Construction’s new 22-story Norfolk Southern Headquarters in Midtown Atlanta. This included the engineering designs, material sourcing, on-site management and installation of a state-of-the-art CFRP strengthening system and placement of supplemental strengthening concrete beams.


“Our Project Manager Ryan Richardson was there it seemed almost every single day, going down there and helping Holder to add value and help the project run smoothly as possible”

- Stephen Callies, Tendon Systems