Cable Barrier Systems Suppliers

by Tendon, on Aug 24, 2021 7:45:00 AM

High tension cable barrier systems are imperative to keeping vehicle passengers safe on the road and in parking structures. These barriers are in high demand, as they provide excellent deflection at as little as eight feet. High tension cable barrier systems are tightened to a high tensile strength so that damage from a vehicle is isolated to one section of the system. Many states’ Departments of Transportation have specific manufacturing requirements for cable barrier system suppliers to ensure proper vehicular safety. 

There are many different high tension cable barrier systems suppliers, each with their own services and manufacturing process. Read on for information on cable barrier systems suppliers.

Cable Barrier Systems Suppliers Services

Cable barrier systems suppliers may provide many different kinds of services and products. Some offer custom systems and others may only supply parts. 

Here is a list of some of the services that a barrier cable systems supplier may offer:

  • Fabrication: suppliers may fabricate parts, and even the entire cable system, in a certified plant. This usually includes the careful packaging and shipping of the equipment.
  • Part Supply: some cable barrier suppliers also provide parts that are necessary for system construction. These may include anchorage, end fittings, support posts, terminations, coatings and sealants.
  • Code Upgrades: as state Department of Transportation requirements and specifications change, existing high tension cable barrier systems need to be upgraded. While this may be as simple as adding a reflective coating, in some situations it may be more complex.
  • Design: there are cable barrier systems suppliers that assist in the design of the system. The supplier will have in-house engineers that work to design exactly what is needed. This service is especially helpful for parking structure cable barriers. 
  • Installation: many suppliers will install local systems using in-house technicians and construction workers. 
  • Restoration: when cable barrier systems become old and worn, they may require touching up. A supplier may provide restoration service so that the entire system doesn't have to be replaced. 
  • Replacement: in some cases, the cable barrier system, or sections of it, may need to be replaced. If a section was damaged in a vehicular accident, a supplier may be able to replace it. In other situations, the entire system needs to be replaced due to safety implications or old age.

There are many more services that a cable barrier systems supplier may provide. Contact Tendon directly to learn more. 

High Tension Cable Barrier Manufacturing Processes

When cable barrier suppliers manufacture systems, they have to follow stringent guidelines set by the state’s Department of Transportation. In the state of Georgia, these requirements include galvanized steel, nine foot cable deflection and four strand, prestressed cables. Engineers will design a cable barrier system that follows the set guidelines. 

Once the design is completed, the supplier will use a variety of different manufacturing processes to build and assemble the necessary parts. Some suppliers may also purchase the parts from other manufacturers. For example, a supplier may purchase four strand, galvanized steel cables from a secondary manufacturer. Other parts that may be purchased from other manufacturers include coatings, end fittings and posts.

Because each supplier has a different manufacturing process, it’s important to find out what that process is and to make sure they are purchasing quality parts.

Cable Barrier Systems Suppliers

There are many excellent high tension cable barrier systems suppliers. Take a look at five of the best suppliers that offer services nationwide:

Amsysco, Inc.: based in Romeoville, Illinois, they provides many different manufacturing services. Their cable barrier systems are offered in both stainless and galvanized steel. These high tension cable barrier systems are utilized on parking structures and roadways. 

Tendon Systems: we are based in Suwanee, Georgia and provide many services. Tendon offers fabrication, engineering, installation and delivery of high tension cable barrier systems. Tendon Systems offers galvanized steel, epoxy coated and plastic coated cable barrier systems with a variety of other customization options. We also manufactures and distributes parts such as end fittings, anchorages, mesh and more.

Fischer Brothers, Inc.: based in Rockaway, New Jersey, Fischer Brothers, Inc. is a custom manufacturer of post tensioned cable barrier systems. They manufacture these systems for parking structures and garages. Fischer Brothers, Inc. also provides optional visible fasteners and fabrication if needed. 

GSI Highway Products: based in Hutchins, Texas, GSI Highway Products has been in the industry since 1970. They manufacture and distribute cable barrier systems for roadways, medians and shoulders. Their high tension cable barrier systems are offered in three or four cable designs with locking hook bolts and u-channel steel posts. 

Ready Cable, Inc.: based in Fort Worth, Texas and provides a variety of construction and manufacturing services. Ready Cable, Inc. manufactures and installs high tension cable barrier systems, as well as multiple accessory parts. 

Advanced Technology Barrier Cable Systems Supplier

To ensure the safety of vehicles and passengers, it’s important to choose a high quality cable barrier supplier with advanced technology. Tendon Systems provides all kinds of excellent engineering, cable barrier systems, post tensioning and restoration services.

At Tendon Systems, clients get to work hands-on with experienced engineers to turn construction ideas into reality. Clients can trust the Tendon Systems team to engineer, fabricate and install the safest cable barrier systems with high tech equipment. 

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